3rd Airport Run held in Mitilini "Odysseas Elytis" Airport

3rd Airport Run held in Mitilini "Odysseas Elytis" Airport

170 participants from the island of Lesvos, across the country and abroad

Lesvos, 30 March 2019 – The 3rd Airport Run with the participation of runners from the island of Lesvos, across the country and abroad took place on Saturday the 30th of March at the Mitilini “Odysseas Elytis” Airport.

Funds raised from race participants supported the “Oloi Mazi Mporoume” program. Runners from all age groups took part in 10 km, 5 Km and 1 Km races in the airports’ 2.5kilometers long runway proving athletes with a unique running experience.

The 3rd Airport Run attracted runners and families wishing to experience a day at the apron and runway areas. Professional athletes as well as groups such as a ten person team from the “Mitilini Box Fitness team” and a group of 30 runners representing the “Yoga and Sport for Refugees" team - an NGO that promotes the virtues and values of athleticism by actively enabling refugees to get involved with sports including running - also participated at the race.

On the occasion of the 3rd Airport Run Fraport Greece CEO, Alexander Zinell, congratulated the athletes for participating at the run and for supporting the important cause of “Oloi Mazi Mporoume”. Mr Zinell added that events such as the one today solidifies the relationship with the local community and he invited them all to the opening of the new airport in 2020.

Fraport Greece would like to thank Sky Express airline for supporting the event as well as Aircanteen for providing snacks and refreshments to the runners.

Below, you may find the results of the winners in each category:

Women’s 5.000 meters
1. Jean Estelle: 21mins 52secs
2. Gelagotelli Sofia: 23mins 05secs
3. Dybevaq Anne M: 24mins 04secs

Men’s 5.000 meters
1. Saraintiris Giorgos: 17mins 15 secs
2. Ahmadi Majid: 17mins 16 secs
3. Rezate Xahayaa: 17mins 19 secs

Women’s 10.000 meters
1. Vavatziani Matina: 46mins 18secs
2. Barnetche Melissa: 51mins 54secs
3. Chatzinikolaou Ifigeneia: 54mins 19secs

Men’s 10.000 meters
1. Bakas Vasilieios: 39mins 9 secs
2. Kontakas Antonios: 39mins 38secs
3. Evaggelidis Georgios: 40mins 23secs

Full 3rd Airport Run results here